This Day in History (4-Jul-1999) – The Indian Army recaptured Tiger Hill and hoisted the tricolour atop the 16,500 ft. peak

Narration from Yogendra Singh Yadav who was awarded Param Vir Chakra – We were 25 soldiers of the 18 Granadiers unit of the Indian Army. After scaling the rocks for three nights, we were just 50 metres below Tiger Hill. Due to the heavy firing, 18 of our jawans and officers had to retreat. Now, we were just seven jawans near the Pakistani bunkers. After the firing stopped, we (seven of us) slowly began advancing to capture the Pakistani bunkers, just 10 metres away from us. At about 11:30 a.m. we opened fire at the bunker and gunned down four Pakistani soldiers. After we captured the Pakistani bunker, the Pakistan Army from the top of Tiger Hill sent 10 jawans to assess our strength. As they moved near, we gunned down eight of them. Two escaped. At 11:30 a.m. on the same day, Pakistani Army men attacked our bunker. The attack was fierce, though we could gun down 35 Pakistani soldiers, I lost all six of my comrades. I sustained gunshot injuries on my legs, arms, thigh and in other parts of my body. The Pakistanis were sure that I was dead.

I regained consciousness. I took out my grenade, pulled the pin and threw it at the enemy. After the explosion, his body was blown off in the air. By then, I picked up the Peeka Rifle of a Pakistani soldier lying nearby and I opened fire which left five Pakistani soldiers dead. I heard the order on their wireless to retreat from the Tiger Hill and further heard the instruction to attack the Indian MMG-base 500 metres below Tiger Hill. I dumped myself in the drain covering my head. Now within five minutes I was below 400 meters and I saw my boss, Lieutenant Balwan. I told him that the Pakistanis wanted to attack the MMG base and had vacated Tiger Hill. On this tip-off, the officials deployed ‘Charlie’ and ‘Delta’ companies at Tiger Hill and deployed ‘Bravo’ company to save the MMG base. After a few minutes, Pakistani forces attacked the MMG base. This battle resulted in all the Pakistani soldiers being killed, since we had prior information of their arrival. Meanwhile, the ‘Delta’ and ‘Charlie’ companies had captured Tiger Hill. The war of seven hours was over and this is how we won Tiger Hill!


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