This Day in History (25-Jun-1983) – India Wins the Prudential World Cup in England

The 1983 World Cup (also known as the Prudential World Cup) was held from June 9th to June 25th 1983 and was the third edition of the ICC Cricket World Cup. Eight countries participated in this world cup and this was an exciting series of matches right from the start. Non-performing teams at that time, like India and Zimbabwe scored surprising wins over teams like the West Indies and Australia. India and the West Indies qualified for the semi final which came as a surprise since the Indian was considered the underdog back then.

When Kapil Dev led India against the West Indies after defeating England in semi finals, bookmakers odds on India were 66-1. This was a young team (seven of the players were in their twenties) being led by a twenty-four-year-old, confident captain. From being the dark horses to world champions, India stunned the world by beating the defending champions who had won two world cups consecutively. Andy Roberts, Malcom Marshall, Michael Holding and Joel Garner took eight wickets between them, ensuring India walked off the field with just 183 runs in 54.4 overs. India took their critics by surprise when Madan Lal and Amarnath took three wickets each. Vivian Richards was batting on steadily and enthusiastically when Kapil Dev took a splendid catch running backwards. The West Indies lost the match by 43 runs.

Kapil Dev lifted the World Cup trophy over the Lord’s balcony and this remains India’s greatest victory ever. What makes it more special was how a team which was considered a dark horse by many won the game against a team who were till then indisputable world champions. Kapil Dev was the captain who led this team to victory and Mohinder Amarnath was the Man of the Match. The 1983 victory ignited such a passion for cricket that many youngsters were inspired to take up cricket professionally, including a ten-year-old Rahul Dravid (who would later go on to captain the Indian team).



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